Piano Lessons

Free Online Piano Lessons for Children

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Get piano lessons with Media Theatre’s new Music Director

On the online program, she can listen to the music played for her, see the notes written, and then practice it herself. The visual piano images combined with audio instruction help create a comprehensive virtual lesson. Logistics of Learning Piano Online When learning piano from an online website, it will be necessary for the computer and piano or keyboard to be in close proximity. It works well if a laptop can be set on a table next to the piano. It is important that the child and parent can see the screen as well as hear the audio instructions to understand the concepts fully. Some of the online lessons feature a video of the teacher as he conducts the lesson, and some simply have audio accompanying text and images.
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The piano lessons will adapt to each students capabilities, from beginner to those who wish to continue sharpening their skills. Mornings and late afternoons are available. The schedule will be determined by each student and Scott Anthony, who started his own lessons at the age of four. In 2006, he received his BM in Piano Performance from Catholic University, studying with Emmy-winning artist Marilyn Neeley. He has also worked under the tutelage of Bruce Murray at the Brevard Music Festival and recently studied with Harvey Weeden at Temple University, where he received his Masters in Piano Performance. Scott Anthony is no stranger to MMTC, having been a part of its orchestra pits during the run of Wings as second keyboard and also enjoying the same during Spamalot.
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