Strains Of Classical And Jazz Music In Upcoming Orchestra Concert

The excerpts from Hansel and Gretel consist of four movements, one of which has three parts. Hansel will be played by mezzo soprano and adjunct voice professor Cynthian Knight, and Kristi Matson, a soprano and adjunct professor in voice, will play Gretel. Were also featuring Claire Ziegler, a junior voice major, Professor of Music Holleman said. Shes the sandman who puts Hansel and Gretel to sleep when theyre lost in the woods at night. Ziegler explained her excitement for the piece and some of the research she had done on Humperdinck. Even though this is an opera for children, and its based on a childrens story, the music is very rich and almost dark at times, Ziegler said.
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Jazz stalwarts tune in for 2014 Tui

This years finals place for Vermillion Skies comes after the album debuted at #5 on the Official NZ Top 40 Album Charts; it remained in the Top 40 for three weeks. The album was written mostly in London, where Haines recently relocated with his wife and it features him singing two of his own tracks; Navarino St – based on where the couple live, Navarino Rd in London – and First Light which describes the scenario of being up all night and watching the sun come up over London, draping the city in Vermillion shading. Haines worked with producer and keyboardist Mike Patto on the album as well as drawing on his own experiences and inspiration from others, including American Grammy Award-winning jazz multi-instrumentalist Yusef Lateef. Phil Broadhurst is one of New Zealands leading Jazz artists. He has presented Art Of Jazz on Radio New Zealand Concert for more than 20 years and is currently the head of Jazz Studies at the New Zealand School of Music, Massey University, Albany.
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‘Hudson Lights’ music combines jazz, pop music

When the four members of the group Hudson Lights were coming up with a name for their group, they had to change their method. We needed to think of the music first and then the name would follow, said Keith Evans. They knew the music they wanted to do was classy and bring that high-brow edge back to contemporary pop music, and they needed to come up with a relaxing, yet exciting, image that evokes that, Evans told thousands of women at Deseret Books recent Time Out for Women event in Salt Lake City. The image we came up with is the smooth, cool waters of the Hudson River and just across, the enchanting lights of the New York City skyline at night, Evans said. And the name Hudson Lights was born. Their recently released self-titled CD Hudson Lights ( Shadow Mountain Records, $16.98 ) has 11 songs, including two original songs, and they use their fusion of contemporary pop and jazz to put their unique sound on songs from the Beatles, Josh Groban and others. Its music thats refreshing to listen to and holds its own with a clear sound and smooth, upbeat tones.
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