Vocal & Piano Lessons…..music A Gift That Gives!

Patel Conservatory inspires special-needs students with music lessons

Adults at all experience levels. Located in Willow Spring, North Carolina. Prices are $15 for a half hour, and $25 for an hour. Call for a FREE Trial Lesson now!!!! Over 15 years of piano and vocal experience.
For more information, visit http://classifieds.wral.com/index.php?a=2&b=1424889

Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music Try saying (or singing) “Toronto Institute for Enjoyment of Music” fast five times — bet you can’t do it, but I bet you’ll remember it now. This hip school near Trinity Bellwoods Park lets you get to know each of their instructors online, and offers lessons on the basics like guitar, piano, and voice, plus banjo, harmonica, ukulele, saxophone, brass instruments, violin and viola, drums, and more. They’ll instruct you just on theory, composition, or digital music, and turn the fun up to the max with group ukulele classes, youth band, choir, adult string ensemble, and drop in guitar group lessons. Students of all ages are accepted. Girls Rock Camp This day camp takes place every summer at the Tranzac in the Annex. Girls aged 8 – 16 can spend a week learning various instruments, playing in a band, writing songs, and performing in a final concert.
For more information, visit http://www.blogto.com/music/2013/10/music_lessons_in_toronto/

Music lessons in Toronto

“Have you ever sung a song while you’re working?” asked Novak, the bespectacled 29-year-old performing arts teacher from the Patel Conservatory at the Straz Center. They shook their heads, and she began to teach them the words to a Hopi Indian song: “Grinding corn. Grinding corn. Here we are, grinding corn.” Novak told the students to clap their hands for each word one clap for grinding, one for corn. Then she told them to clap on each syllable, showing them a drawing of eighth- and quarter-note stems they were clapping aloud. “Can you do it?” she asked a room of still-shaking heads. Twice a week for the past two years, Novak has brought her boom box and pink backpack to Morning Star to teach music.
For more information, visit http://www.tampabay.com/news/education/k12/patel-conservatory-inspires-special-needs-students-with-music-lessons/2155495


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