Music Review: Pianist Anne-marie Mcdermott Shows Control At The Keyboard

A Naga dancer in traditional attire smiles at the camera during the opening day of the Hornbill festival at Kisama village on the outskirts of Kohima, Nagaland, India, Sunday, Dec.1, 2013. The 10-day long festival named after the Hornbill bird is one of the biggest festivals of India’s northeast that showcases the rich tradition and cultural heritage of the indigenous Nagas. (AP Photo/Anupam Nath)

She is a superb player, both as soloist and chamber musician, and artistic director of festivals in Colorado, Florida, California and Curacao. In two Haydn sonatas, McDermott exhibited absolute keyboard control, with finely calibrated voicing. And she fully understands how to shape a phrase; she relies perhaps too much on rubato (for Haydn, anyway), but the intentions are well thought-out. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas Next came Charles Wuorinens Fourth Piano Sonata, written for McDermott in 2007 (the composer was in attendance Sunday). The work followed the general outlines of the standard four-movement form, which, given the content, was a blessing.
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31 Days of Music: Best of 2013 – Day 2 – Mike Snowden – LIVE!

31 Days of Music: The Best of 2013 - Day 2

Eliminating all the hassles that can be a part of band life, Snowden does everything himself. He builds his instruments, writes the songs and plays all the music. With nasty slide guitar riffs, pounding drums and sometimes an added bass string for a little extra rhythm, he is a true example of a one man band. His live shows are raw and high energy as he rolls through original tunes that are stripped down and sound like classic Southern blues music similar to that of Junior Kimbrough, RL Burnside or T Model Ford. With multiple studio albums under his belt, Snowden has recently released a live record that truly captures the Mike Snowden live experience. Songs like Wheres My Rooster, 500 Mason Jars and Mudcat explode off the record as he manhandles his hand crafted guitars making them whine and screech. Like much of the blues, the Devil always finds his way into the music in some form or another and Snowdens music is no different.
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