Best For Music: Ps4 Or Xbox One?

Google’s YouTube Could Be About To Launch A Music Streaming Service

Remote Controls The most basic way to deal with music on a gaming console is with the gaming control, but that’s not the only way to play music on these consoles. PS4 The PlayStation App for iOS or Android functions as a second screen for the PS4, which comes in handy when searching for artists, songs, or albums, because you don’t have to type in the names with a cursor on the TV screen. (Note that the PS4 doesn’t support the Blu-ray remote that worked with PlayStation 3.) Xbox One You can use your voice to control Xbox One, but it it’s a bit clumsy to use, so you’re probably better off using the controller or SmartGlass app (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 8.1) to control your music, if you’d prefer not to use the controller. As with the PS4s app, use of SmartGlass makes searching for artists and songs much easier. For now, SmartGlass acts as a remote control for music and other media playback. Eventually, we suspect it could contain “companion” material for music, the way it already does for movies and games, such as biographies and the other users who are listening to that artists.
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Buzzworthy’s Ultimate Pop Music Gift Guide: Find Something For Every Stan On Your List!

Happy holidays!! Sooo, now that we’ve eaten all the turkey and gained the Thanksgiving 15 (What? It’s real!), it’s time to turn our thoughts toward Black Friday . And yes, we know that Hanukkah’s happening, um, RIGHT NOW (gee, thanks, Thanksgivingkkah!). Get thee to a mall, and purchase yo’ presents!
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Best For Music: PS4 or Xbox One?

All of these will of course need to have royalties paid upon them by Google to the rights holders so Google must be, in the absence of ads, intending to charge something for this service. The finding is over at APK Teardown : Offline playback (music? video? both?), background listening, uninterrupted music, and no ads on millions of songs are all mentioned. No ads is obviously a component of the paid service, just like Google Play Music and the premium versions of Pandora and Spotify. But notice that it doesnt simply say no ads, its no ads on millions of songs. Its likely that Google needed to negotiate the rights for the YouTube Music Pass service separately from Google Play Music since music videos are legally and commercially distinct from their songs. So does that mean that the service is truly ad-free, or that a portion of the songs and/or music videos on offer will have ads that further benefit the music labels?
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