Songs Of Africa: Beautiful Music With A Violent History

‘A Kernel Of What Is Possible’ Rose Fisher is Songs of Africa’s assistant director. She’s guiding the choir through lyrics in Yoruba, a tonal language from West Africa. An hour later, they’re singing it as part of a service at Pilgrim Congregational Church. Music from Africa can be incredibly challenging for Western singers, says soprano Marlissa Hudson, who has recorded music arranged by Onovwerosuoke. She says none of her classical training prepared her for the complexities of its rhythms. “You can’t count when you’re singing that kind of music, so Fred actually danced it for me,” Hudson says.
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Tufts University presents African Music Ensemble, Wind Ensemble and Jazz Orchestra performances

For more information, visit or call the Granoff Music Center Box Office at 617-627-3679. The Tufts University Department of Music presents three concerts on Nov. 22 and 23. On Friday, Nov. 22, Akpese, a concert featuring Kiniwe, Tufts African Music Ensemble directed by Nani Agbeli, will take place in the Distler Performance Hall at the Perry and Marty Granoff Music Center, 20 Talbot Ave., Somerville, at 8 p.m. Agbeli will lead Kiniwe in the Tufts premiere of Akpese, a type of traditional dance-drumming blended with contemporary singing that derives strong influence from Christian worship. ] The Agbekor Drum and Dance Society as well as Prosper Adjetey and Dominic Donkor, two visiting artists from Ghana, will also perform.
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